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“I spent a summer weekend reading this book – a blue cube of serenity – whose serious and inspired author reminded me why I had the attitudes that I did, and why have I been sabotaging my own life, and he taught me how to move forward without relying on others, without blaming myself and with an open heart. Give it a try and you will have a very unusual experience, and maybe it’ll even be a turning point in the way you treat the only life you have, the responsibility for which is in our hands alone.”


Ljubica Uvodic Vranic – professor of psychology and the bestselling author


“If you’re looking for a clear, precise and a practical tool for making your dreams come true, then this book is for you! We are fortunate to be living at a time when the consciousness of the power of our minds is getting more and more attention, and there is a lot of literature dealing with the subject. However, even with so much information we are still unable to find just the right formula for ourselves. Tomislav has succeeded in doing just that: he gave us a formula for creating the life experiences that we want! You have before you a wonderful book, which you’ll always be happy to read again and to be reminded that, with the right formula, the power is in our hands! Inspiring, motivating, and very practical – it is your GPS device to lead you to the life you want.”


Ana Susic – Life coach and aromatherapist



Tomislav Tomic
Self-development author & life coach
Author of “Ancient Keys of Joy” & “How To Increase Your Self-Esteem”
Island of Hvar, Croatia –


Dear visitor,

Have you ever heard how they train elephants at the zoo?

It may seem strange that I’m asking you this and maybe you’re wondering what this has to do with the title of this page.

But there is an important reason for this…

While the elephant is still very young, they use a chain to tie it to a metal ball or something else that is heavy enough to stop it from moving further. The elephant has complete freedom of movement within a certain radius, but if it wants to go further than that, the chain will stop it.

At first, the elephant tries to free itself from this “imposed limitation”. It is eager to experience freedom, so it invests maximum effort and strength in trying to accomplish this.

But as time moves on, the elephant begins losing hope and it loses confidence in its own ability and strength (in psychology, this phenomenon is called “learned helplessness“).

Later, when the elephant grows up, it stops trying to move outside of the imposed radius. Even though the chains no longer hold the elephant – and even if they did, it is now so powerful that nothing could stop it anymore – these same chains still exist in its memory, thus limiting its movement.




Even though this example deals with training elephants, it is a sad fact that the same thing is happening in many human lives, because people allow themselves to be kept inside a reality they don’t want to be in by beliefs imposed upon them long ago, which cause their fears, insecurity, and worry!



That is why I’m very excited to present to you my new book which will lead you to a step-by-step enchanting journey into the world of the conscious creating of desired experiences, and teach you how to free yourself from all those imposed limitations which are keeping you inside an “average mentality”, hindering you from beginning to live a life you’ve waited for and wanted for a long time!







  • …that “life” is something that is passing you by, while you’re standing on the side and observing, without participating in it the way you want to,
  • …that you don’t have enough time to do what makes you truly happy, and to spend time with the people you care about,
  • …that there is a constant battle inside you when you start achieving your goals, and that success keeps passing you by,
  • …that time goes by unstoppably while you’re trying to do something with your life, but you have no vision of the direction you want to take,
  • …that you’re a victim of different circumstances and as long as these circumstances exist, you don’t really have much choice in creating a life the way you want it to be,
  • …that you are accompanied by insecurity all the time and you’re unable to relax and live a happy life because you’re living in constant fear of tomorrow,
  • …that joy and enthusiasm keep passing you by, without making an entrance into your world and sticking there,
  • …that your true value goes unnoticed by others and that you must struggle in order to prove yourself,
  • …that you’re waiting for some special day when you’ll finally make a move and begin living life to the full,

…and if all these things (or some of them) keep WEARING YOU OUT, DRIVING YOU CRAZY OR MAKING YOU LOSE MOTIVATION, while at the same time you WANT and you know you are ABLE and that you DESERVE much, much more…



“The new program by Tomislav Tomic which is laid out in his book, The Forgotten Skill, is a very practical tool for all individuals who wish to work on their personal development. The 21st century man is in for the greatest challenge in the history of human discovery: knowing one’s own inwardness. The Forgotten Skill is part of vital equipment you need on this exotic journey, as it teaches us to communicate better with the Universe outside and inside us, and it reminds us we need to use the power of imagination, and it warns us of the danger of limiting beliefs. Energetic and inspired to the last page. Well done!”


Natalija Princi – author of the books “Adam the First Illuminati”  and “Tesla’s Peace Frequency”



Here is a glimpse of some of the amazing secrets, tips and techniques encapsulated within “The Forgotten Skill”:


  • Why some people are successful at achieving their goals, while others can’t seem to make it in spite of all their hard work; and how to become the type of person who’s got it made
  • Things you must know before you start pursuing any goal… (A simple formula that can save you years of futile effort.)…
  • Are we really “physical beings” living in a “material universe”, or are we something else, and why it is so important to understand this if you want to see some permanent changes for the better
  • Why it is that your mind can turn into your greatest enemy (without you even noticing it), how to gain control over your own mind and what modern science has to say about it…
  • How to open up your mind to unlimited possibilities which are always present and which are waiting for you to act on them
  • What happens in your brain when you start thinking about new things, and why it is important to understand this if you want to have control over your own experiences
  • How to free yourself from the victim mentality, how to create your desired life circumstances and what “circumstances” are in the first place…
  • You will be acquainted with a revolutionary experiment, conducted in the Russian Academy in Moscow, which has seriously shaken the foundations of science in the last 300 years… and what’s more important, what its significance is for your everyday life…
  • What is “purposeful focusing of consciousness”, how it helps create your experiences, what quantum physics has to say about this, and how you can focus your consciousness in the desired direction in order to get the desired results…
  • What are “internal dialogues”, why you can never get rid of them, how they affect your experience, and how you can easily influence them and make life how you want it to be
  • How to be aware at all times of the things you create in your experience– a laser-precise formula that never fails
  • You will learn about the importance of something that I like to call the “inner compass” and how to use if efficiently in order to gain control over your life and over your destiny…
  • Why “emotional consciousness” is important, and how to develop it in a simple way…
  • A fast and simple way to use your emotions in order to achieve what you want…
  • Why emotions are more important than logic… and what that has to do with creating desired experiences…
  • You will become acquainted with a completely different outlook on “negative emotions” and you will understand why every so-called “negative emotion” is actually very important…
  • You will learn the method of the “emotional factory”, which will help you speed up creating reality as you really want it to be…
  • Why it is important to have clear goals + a simple, fast, and efficient method which will allow you to check very precisely if your goal is clear enough… (this method was a true shock for me when I first heard about it; after that it became clear to me why I had so many unrealized “goals” behind me)…
  • You will learn how to use symbols while you still haven’t clearly defined your goals, and how to know exactly what is it you want in specific areas of life…
  • You will find out the shocking truth about stress and you will understand why stress is a great friend of yours (after this, all the useless talk about stress will seem ridiculous to you, and you will be grateful whenever you’re feeling “stressed out”)…
  • The limiting approaches to the conscious creating of reality, which are the biggest obstacle to the efficient achieving of goals… and how to maintain the proper attitude in order to get what you want…
  • You will become acquainted with one simple method, which will help you maintain a constant good and positive mood… and you’ll be able to practice it any time and any place, turning even the most trivial situations into true adventures…
  • How to create your own unique “vibrational response” and how such a seemingly simple concept can make all your life experiences more beautiful and more pleasant – no matter where you live, what you do or how old you are…
  • You will find out about a long kept secret of successful American entrepreneurs when it comes to taking action in order to achieve your goal… and you will understand why it is, even though most people are constantly doing something, that only a few are successful in achieving results…
  • And much more…



“The Forgotten Skill is definitely one of the best books dealing with the conscious creating of reality that I have read so far. It is practical, it reads easily and it’s very educational (featuring an extremely conscious-raising chapter, The Shocking Truth About Stress.”


Pavicic Ivo – Sales Account Adria and Hellas at D-Link





  • This book is the result of my personal experience and research in the field of personal and spiritual development over the last thirteen years.
  • It is written in simple language (brief and clear, no unnecessary philosophizing), and it is filled with practical advice, followed by numerous practical examples.
  • It is constructed as an integral manual, which leads the reader through the phases step by step.
  • Among other things in this book, I have systematized the answers to frequently asked questions which I was receiving from my clients during life coaching or during individual consultations dealing with the conscious creating of reality, and I’ve chosen the methods which have proven to be most efficient.
  • Most of the suggested methods can be practiced literally “on the go”, without the need for setting aside a special time.
  • The efficient application of ideas from the book doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the subject matter.




Don’t wait because waiting is just a waste of time. Success requires change. Waiting will not bring about any change for the better.

The longer you wait, the harder it gets to start moving and taking action…

The longer you wait, the less time you have at your disposal because the time which has passed cannot be brought back, and there are no exceptions!

Einstein’s definition of madness is doing the same things over and over, and expecting different results. Unfortunately, more than 97% people suffer from this popular “syndrome”. Don’t be one of them!



Tomislav Tomić (the author of the book)


P.S. If you continue to think and act as usual, you can be sure that you will not have different and better experiences. Nothing will check for the better on its own. You are the one who needs to make a move… and now there’s an excellent opportunity before you: a safe, reliable, and efficient program which can help you to free yourself from all the convictions which are hindering you from finally relaxing, becoming happy, and from starting to live life the way you want to!


“How to create, recognize, and accomplish creative ideas, how to apply them to life in general or in some aspects of it, work in particular. How to direct yourself and connect yourself to the currents of success, and how to learn to think in a success-oriented manner – these are just some of the questions which were answered for me through reading the book The Forgotten Skill.


Ivan Blazevic – Real estate agent